Thursday, 21 July 2016

Enjoy and Relish Coffee Like Never Before.

He asked me ‘Why aren’t you excited about life?’ I replied, ‘I’m excited about nothing before 11am’. Little did he know I was talking about the first cup of coffee I have at the start of my day. 

Well, you can relate if you’re a person whose day starts with a cup of coffee, also if you’re someone who can have coffee at almost any time of the day. Coffee for me is a kick-starter, it makes me who I am and moreover it gives me my ‘Me time’. In case you’re wondering why coffee has such a precious place in my life, it’s because the flavor of coffee gives me the warmth that nobody ever can, it increases my heart-rate and relaxes me at the same time. I often wonder how a beverage can be the reason why so many things in life are amazing.
From being a supreme drink originated in the 18th century to a mass-produced item in this world, coffee has always been my savior in bad times and good. It has perhaps turned into a fashion accessory, a fad in the recent times that just increases the reputation 10x. With the ever hyped coffee outlets like StarBucks, Costa Coffee etc the demand and boaster about being a coffee addict is on a high too.

True coffee addicts, you and me, are usually the ones who are bold, who won’t back-off a fight, the intellectuals, the thinkers, the dreamers, the movers and the shakers. Say Yay! It doesn’t matter where I have my coffee brewed, all that matters is whether it is brewed my way and just how I prefer my coffee to be. And if I want it my way, I might as well make it myself than spending hours in a queue at an over-hyped café in town.

Talking about brewing my own coffee, there’s a coffee maker brand I’d like to mention, Vero Coffee, so Vero has a couple of coffee capsules that brew excellent coffee, out of the 6 coffee capsules  by Vero, I have used two and believe me, there’s been a phase where I actually had different type of coffee each day for almost a week. From cappuccino to Americano, espresso and a latte, this coffee maker is a bliss to have, especially if you love coffee as much as I do or more (not sure if you could love it more than I do). They have a variety of coffee flavors that just add to the beauty of Vero, Seven seeds, Arabica, Anamalais and Coorg, these names are just enough to describe the quality of coffee that you can get. I then realized that my love for coffee doesn’t have to be limited to a café or just plain coffee that I could brew at home.

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