Sunday, 23 July 2017

Quick Forex


Do you frequently travel abroad – on business or tour? Or maybe are planning a trip to a
foreign land? Then I’m sure that you must be an avid follower of the currency market (of your
country as well as the country you wish to travel to).
If you are a frequent traveler then you must be well aware of the fact that one needs to enter
the airport facility at least 3 hours before their actual flight timings. Why so? Because it takes
THAT long to clear out all the formalities.
From queues at security check to running from one counter to the other, the airport
conventions are likely to exhaust you long before your actual journey begins.
While travelling abroad, one needs to undergo the process of currency exchange. You cannot
strive in another country via the Indian rupee. It would hold no importance there.
Many a times people witness to either have forgotten to get the currency exchanged
beforehand or might have to go on an urgent business trip. Anything may be the scenario, but
at that moment, do you really want to indulge your time in those extra-long currency exchange
counters at the airport after having spending almost 3 years running here and there?
I surely do hope that your answer would be a big “NO.”
To reimburse this situation, I’d suggest to connect with Quick Forex. They provide the best
door-to- door services (no matter where you are and where you wish your money to be
delivered). They offer the best deals in the forex market and deal in business as well as non-
business transactions. In addition, if you do not wish for your money to be subjected in the FDI
market, they also offer deals through wire transfers which are instant and efficient.
Quick Forex is an E-commerce initiative which provides the best deals and services on Hotel
Bookings, Air Tickets, Visa, Travel Insurance, packages for luxury travel and smooth transactions
for both business as well as non-business purposes. Our additional doorstep delivery facilities
and wire transfer services will only increase your luxury travel experience. We aim at providing
full customer satisfaction!
QuickForex.. One- Stop Solution for all your Travel and Currency needs!!








Saturday, 22 July 2017

Quick Forex

Spokesperson Profile Mr. Yash Sharma Yash Sharma, CEO of Quick Forex operates as a ‘Gen -Next entrepreneur’ who is intrinsically involved in everything from the business strategy to IT support, of his company. Currently the way he is planning the roadmap of the company, he is earning respect from competitors and if pace maintained soon would be recognised for the calibre of a strategy and technology leader. As a young entrepreneur, he is exploring all possible mediums to reach out to the masses with his services be it Social Media, Digital Platforms, and there are many ongoing projects that would keep Quick Forex ahead in terms of breakthrough technology. He is looking forward to create and implement strategic solutions that would result in quick and easy access to foreign exchange and related solutions. He lives by analytics driven decision making, further sharpened by his stellar educational background and optimistic approach. Being a practical guy he focuses upon bringing ideas and suggestions into actuality, A student of International Bachelorette, he counts his interactive skills as his strength. At the onset of his journey towards catapulting this dream, he has met even more dedicated start up owners whilst his travels, resulting in empowering his beliefs & visualizations. And that led him to infuse his passion into Quick Forex, enriching his business with technological and user friendly modules. As an entrepreneur, he endeavours towards building a world-class and successful organization, having diverse teams with high level of integrity and work ethic, where employees are united by a common passion and love for what they do, something he learnt from his boarding school days. His love for making friends & interacting with new people has proven as his strength, resulting in learning new languages, Spanish, Thai, Nepalese & Urdu for instance.